From time to time, I will post tips or snippets of information, titled and categorized: That!

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  1. minty

    Hey, congratulations on setting up your blog! I’m hearing, but my previous partner was a CODA and my current partner is Deaf, so I look forward to reading with interest.

  2. Marie Dimond

    hi! i think this is a brilliant idea!!! will definitly get involed lots with this blog. i’m a CODA myself and would love to chat about issues and stuff and make new friends 🙂 chat soon!! (CODA hugs)

  3. Barbara Derengowski

    Lisa I could read your blog over and over again. I love the picture of the kids, the girls have the (all about me) look.
    Great job on getting this going. Best of luck to you my friend.

  4. Hi Lisa – and hi marie!

    I’m hearing person and friends with Marie. Am registering as a BSL/English interpreter and can start work in September! I’d like to read things from CODA point of view coz i have few friends who are CODAs. Nice idea Lisa to set up this blog. Well done!


  5. codadiva

    Thank you Barb and Karen! I’m pleased that you are here! Looking forward to more of your feedback.

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