Sometimes, It’s Not All About Me

My friends that know me are convinced that “It’s all about me”. It became such a big joke one year while I was president of Illinois Coda. My dear friends on the board bought me a gift, a black tank top with glitter words that said “It’s all about me”. I wore it to Key West, I got a lot of attention, that tank top worked.

But seriously, I think my passion will show clearly, I want this blog to be about all of us. To share the Coda world and all that goes with it.  I want this blog to be active, so when someone discovers this new culture called Coda, they can log on, read stories, and comments possibly getting instant answers they need. I am all for instant information. In our society we can’t wait an extra 3 minutes, we have to have things  Learning from different lifestyles can lend us to be more tolerate of new ideas. However, having a common bond, allows us to learn from each other quicker. The basics are pretty much already there. There is no need for the Intro to Deafness 101 class.

Isn’t this so exciting? So I’m giving you a gift. I’m adding a new feature entitled “A to Z”. This will be interviews that highlight other Codas allowing you to see another view or get another Coda’s stories. I can see you falling off your chairs, with your mouths on the floor in complete astonishment. Yes, it’s true, sometimes it is not all about me. (pout). To add to the excitement I already have my first interviewee lined up.  You are gonna love this! Our first “A to Z” will be in mid July. Who? You ask. I’m keeping it hush hush for now.  I’m going to keep you in suspense, it’ll be fun.  Well at least it’ll be fun for me!


  1. Looking forward to this hush-hush interview! What a great blog topic. I’ll be sure to come back 🙂

  2. codadiva

    Elisa, it’s going to be exciting!

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