Reticular Activating System, it’s a little heady.

Went to the lake over the weekend, it was beautiful. I’d love to stay there for an entire week at a time, but since there isn’t internet connection, I’d go bonkers. I also went bonkers on a different level. Since I recently wrote about stomp..stomp, I was highly annoyed by how much my husband doesn’t respond to my stomping feet. Turns out, he feels it but thought it was the kids playing, so he ignored it. Men!

Do you know about Reticular Activating System (RAS)? I just learned about it last year, it’s a fancy big scientific explaination on how your brain works. Well at least in one way. I found something that is both eduational and  entertaining I found it fascinating! Googl it, if you need more detailed information.

It’s amazing how once you talk about something or learn something new, you just notice it everywhere. It’s like when you buy a new car, you happen to notice them everywhere. My first car was a Dodge Omni.  Since I’m not into cars, I didn’t know what one was, never saw one until I got it for my birthday. After that, I noticed them everywhere. When I was in college, a topic would be discussed in my psychology course and then come full circle in my math class. Or how I didn’t notice other pregnant women until after I was pregnant. Now, I zone in on them when one is around. Maybe it’s fear that it will be contagious!

All my life, when people learned that I either had Deaf parents or a Deaf husband, they would instantly say, “I wish I learned sign language”, or “I have always wanted to learn sign language.”  Others tell me they know someone that is Deaf. Their nephew, niece, friend’s brother, friend’s parents (which I quickly ask who, perhaps I know them) or a neighbor.  Perhaps to them, this is RAS.

It’s very hard to see the point of view from the hearing world. I couldn’t dream of not knowing the Deaf culture or Coda culture. Do hearing people notice Deafness? Do Deaf people notice Codas? How can we get their brains to keep active with Deaf culture needs and Coda culture needs? The media? They certainly have a great deal of influence over the general public. It’s almost scary. We sure notice the hype over the Iphone, Windows Vista or dare I say Paris Hilton.

In the link above, it talks about writing a goal and setting off triggers for your brain to pay attention. One of my goals for this blog; is to outreach while being an active, informative, and enjoyed blog all over the world. There, I said it, it’s written down.

Now that you have heard of Coda, did you notice it anywhere else?


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