Books by Codas

On yesterday’s afternoon break, I took the kids to the library. While I was there, I decided to pick up some fun reading (rather than the reading I have been doing to launch my own business). My logic was, reading some books by other Codas might trigger some blog entries.  I put in the search engine for the computer catalog and I couldn’t come up with much. Luckily I remembered Lou Ann Walker, A Loss for Words (by the way, I’m on page ten; I’ve gotten teary eyed twice). Thank goodness my overwhelmed brain could remember Lou Ann Walker. If I hadn’t I would have been empty handed.

When you search in the subject category for Deaf parents and hearing children it results with Deaf children and parenting. Other searches were about language. Basically, if you don’t have any Authors or Titles, you spend a great deal of time searching on the library’s system.  So, now I have to go find my list, I know there is a list out there of books written by Codas. If you know of one, let me know. I am aware of  In This Sign by Joanne Greenberg.  This just gives me one more reason to believe, there is a long way to go before Coda can be known as its own culture. It is a culture, we are hearing, but we live in a Deaf household. 

Note: When I get that list, I’ll be sure to post an update.


  1. Ben

    If you search Harris Communications website there are a few books written by CODA’s. One that I like is, Mother Father Deaf by Paul Preston. Good Luck! I would love to see a list of books by CODA’s.

  2. Check out the bibliography on the RIT library site:

    See especially this entry:

    Bull, Thomas. On the Edge of Deaf Culture: Hearing Children/Deaf Parents. Alexandria, VA: Deaf Family Research, 1998. REF, 4th floor and ETRR HV2380.B75 1998.
    An amazing resource for those interested in hearing children of deaf parents, Bull’s book is truly comprehensive in scope, covering the spectrum of information sources–refereed academic journal articles, unpublished theses and dissertations, electronic resources, works from the popular press, made-for-TV movies. It provides a map for a territory not only uncharted but until recently largely unrecognized as a legitimate field of study. Essential for any program or person dealing with family issues concerning deafness: undergraduate and graduate programs, researchers, service providers, mental health practitioners, children of deaf adults (codas), and other family members.

  3. codadiva

    Thank you! See what asking does, you get answers. I should have remembered Tom Bull’s book! I think I have an entry in there for an article I wrote in 1996, I’m gonna go dig it out!

  4. Cindy Blackman

    Hi Lisa,
    I’ll just list what books I have. If any are repeats of what’s already been sent to you, oh well. I’ve got Paul Preston’s “Mother Father Deaf”. Ruth Sidransky’s “In Silence”. R.H. Miller’s “Deaf Hearing Boy”. Lane, Hoffmeister and Bahan’s “Journey into the Deaf World and Brenda Cartwright’s “Encounters with Reality”…..1001 Interpreter Scenarios. I’ve got Brenda’s other book, but loaned it to someone. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll need to get that back. Kudos on the website. I’ve put it in my favorite places and check it out every now and then. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope all is well.

  5. curious

    check the coda association website?

  6. hey lisa. good luck with the new blog! this topic is so important..keeping the culture of codas on the radar and ensuring the list of related works is easily accessible to all who seek it.

    i’ve only read the sidransky book but i know that i will get to the others in the genre at some point [the right time]

    hope you’re having a great fourth! the skies just opened up here in nj sigh…

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