Showing my CODA support, road trip to Chicago.

My friend Arlene Malinowski, a Coda, will be performing at the Live Bait Theater. I am so excited to be making the 3.5 hour journey (one hour added due to traffic).  Tonight there is a group going, and I know there was a group of Codas yesterday too. When you get together with Codas, plan to laugh for a good long time. We are just as bad as our parents, unable to say good bye at a reasonable time, and having to stand in the doorway for another hour with more news and more hugs. Some of us are really bad, staying ‘til 3 or 4 in the morning! I remember one day about 5 years ago. I was feeling a bit homesick or down. I felt like I needed a Coda fix. I didn’t think much of it but mentioned it to a close Coda friend. That night I had a bunch of Codas over, they brought food, we hung around sharing stories and talking. It was amazing how they come into your home and make you feel welcome, in your own home.  It was similar to another recent experience. Last February I organized a weekend Coda getaway. The Saturday dinner was in my home, it was amazing how my home exploded with Codas. They all carpooled from the hotel, made their way in the door, found a glass, poured their wine, made them selves at home and I didn’t have to stress. It is a fantastic  feeling to hosts Codas in your home. You should try it (wink, wink).

Ok, off I go, I’ll be sure to have an update and possibly a picture of tonight’s show. I’ll be dining before the show with Codas and I’m sure up late with Codas. Where there is one, there are more. I also am very excited (without hubby and kids, woo hoo) to see Arlene’s performance.  It’s a Coda topic too. Till Deaf Do Us Part by Arlene Malinowski –  Is “happily ever after” possible with Deaf parents, a flustered fiancée’ and a pre-wedding fiasco?



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