A Coda Filled Evening


Ahh, Chicago! It’s really a Love/Hate relationship. I love everything this town has to offer. Everything, except the traffic! Overall, the 36 hour event was terrific. We got a hotel downtown at a bargain. I’ve found booking on Priceline.com will give you an excellent rate at the last minute. We checked in, freshened up and hit the public transit to Wrigleyville. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to navigate downtown and learned the station I wanted was closed. We got off a bit early, and instead of hailing a taxi, my friend Lori says, let’s take that. That? It was a pedi-bike. It looks like a rik-shaw. It was actually very fun, after getting over the weirdness of someone carting us around.

We arrived at Uncommon Ground restaurant. My friends had scored an awesome table outside. We hugged, sat down and chatted. It was if no time had passed in the last 6 months that I had seen them. The food was fabulous. It was time to got to the theater around the corner. We arrived 30 minutes early, sat in the front row (of 4 rows) and stayed late. Sound familiar? Arlene was so beautiful. The performance was moving, due to our common bond of having Deaf parents. Truly vivid and brillant.


Above is Shirley, Nancy, John, Arlene, Vince, Me, Laura and Barb.

 Note: to view the pictures better, click on them.

What I find mesmerizing, is in this big bustling city, I was sitting in a small theater. One block away 40,000 people were at The Police concert and on the south side a Sox Game was going on. Throw in the gazillion other things to do, other plays, bars, restaurant, and the Taste of Chicago calculates to be great deal of people. I find that no matter where you are, a small town or a huge city. It all comes down to the company you are with, making it the best place to be. Thanks for a great evening.


  1. Marie

    Thanks, Lisa, for the photo and the description– I would have been there if I weren’t on another continent (am writing this from the Netherlands)!! I miss you all but look forward to seeing lots of codas in Barcelona!

  2. Lori D

    The group looks awesome! What a great bunch of people I have met through you…again. So am I going with to Barcelona??? The men will not be happy!

    Love Ya

  3. vininince lentine

    Thanks for loading the pictures up on the groups page. Response from the Netherlands…nice work. We all had a great time and it was wonderful to see and talk with you. Vince

  1. 1 Sweet Nothing In My Ear - CODA!! « Mother Father Deaf

    […] a treat she also spoke too. I felt like she was in my living room. It brought be back to being in Chicago all over again with my Coda sister Arlene.  What a wonderful treat to the movie! Well for me […]

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