To Vlog or Not To Vlog?

I have seen many of the vlogs on DeafRead along with others. Some of them are really mesmerizing and I do enjoy them quite a bit. I’ve been inspired since watching the Olson brothers, TRUE CODA STORIES, I want to tell mine too. Perhaps it might set off a huge influence for other Codas to break into vlogging.

(Note: For those that are not aware, a “Vlog” is a video. You press play and watch in ASL. )

There’s some problems. I don’t really know the best way to do the vlog, I can figure it out. My laptop has a webcam built in. I’m pretty internet/technology savvy, but there is something much more than that…my brain works in a mysterious way.

I feel like I have to gussy up for the camera. Sigh…I’m gonna have to put on makeup…make sure the backdrop is appropriate, (there is no filming in the bedroom, just the office)…find the right lighting, so you can see my expressions. I know it will take me 3 or 4 takes before I get it right. I might have to do some editing. Perhaps add some graphics and some fade outs.

Then there is the, I can’t please everyone issue. Some of my friends read this that do not live in the US. So they are not familiar with ASL. Then there are my others friends that do not sign at all or just the basics. I could caption it. Or should I type out the story? Oh, I can see where this might just get outta hand for me. See! I’ve got questions… so, can I turn to you veterans? Would you be able to share some encouragement, tips, or tricks? Hopefully making my venture into vlogging a bit easier?  What do you find works the best? What program do you use? Youtube? Something else?

This is how my mind works. Thank you in advance for your time.


  1. I would recommend so you’d make some money off your vlogging! 😉

    What kind of laptop and how old is it? What OS?

  2. Well, the closest I have ever come to doing a VLOG was my poorly video’d attempt at added to Deafpundit’s Project.

    ProudGeek has a series on captioning methods

    I know that as a hearing person, just learning ASL, I don’t get much out of VLOGs except for personality, and maybe learning a few new signs.(kind of a reverse-accessibility thing).

    I do prefer subtitles, because I do like to watch the videos – seems to make it a little more personal. Even Dennis the Talkie started doing some VLOGs – proof you don’t have to look pretty to do it (sorry Dennis – I do like yours). He started by just trying to do one a week.

  3. Mikey

    I sincerely hope you will vlog soon…
    It is really nice to see CODA’s coming out since the Deaf Ninja, I’m hoping more CODA’s are coming out with their stories. Please do come and make vlogs…

    I have my own vlogs (sort of) and it can be found on

  4. minty

    Yeah, you should definitely vlog – it’s the future! This guy produces great vlogs in ASL with captions. He’s often online and you can chat with him on in the chat box on the left on his blog screen – I bet he could give you some tips. Windows movie maker software is easy to use and adding captions and a voice over track is relatibvely straightforward, as well as editing in the fades, etc.
    Good luck with it!

  5. Hi. Everything you mentioned is part of making a vlog. It’s true. The background, the lighting, the editing…. it can take me an entire day sometimes to create a quality vlog and transcript. However, there have been times when it goes rather quickly. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

    There are different sides on the caption issue. Some people say our vlogs should have captions. Others says that captions bother them when they are trying to read signs. People who don’t sign say they would like to have a transcript of some kind to read if there are no captions. I take the middle road. I actually create a full blog post which is in effect, my transcript for my non-captioned vlog, along with pictures to bring out a pleasant read of the text. My mom doesn’t have high speed internet yet and therefore, cannot watch my video clips, so I make the transcript appealing with photos from flickr to bring out the mood.

    Everyone is different and your own vlog will have it’s own uniqueness about it. Just get out there and vlog! It will increase the number of readers to your blog by 10-fold!

    ~ LaRonda

  6. codadiva

    You all rock! Thanks for the encouragement. Jay, you did an excellent basic information for the Vlog.
    Minty, isn’t SG cute, I love the Hells Kitchen recap!

  7. Ben from Olson Brothers

    CODADIVA! You need to do a VLOG! We want to see your story! YES! Let’s inspire all signers to pick up their webcams and start VLOGGING!!! If I can do it, you can do it! HA, HA! I would suggest using I tried using a .mac account and google video both were slow, youtube was fast. Good Luck! I can’t wait to see your story soon!!!!!

  8. Hiiii!

    I overheard a few words something like “isn’t SG cute” so I had to rush over here to see what is UP! .. yes I heard! HA! 😉

    You can start with video and see how you feel, I personally would have loved to see you on video! 😀

    Give it a try and see how you feel.

    Happy Tuesday… NOT!


  9. codadiva

    How did I ever thing that the word would get out? Funny! Tell me what do you use for your video/captioning?

  10. seekgeo


    I wonder do you use Mac or PC? I did a video clip explaining how I added subtitles to my videos on Mac.

    Here’s the link:

    Feel free to contact me.

    By the way, Sure, I’m more than happy to add you on my blogroll. 😀


  11. codadiva

    Ok this is going really slow for me. I bought a webcam for the desktop, but when I sign it looks all blurry! What are the settings needed to capture my signing????

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