To Vlog Is The Answer

You’ve all convinced me, I’m gonna Vlog. But it’s not easy getting started! It’s taking so long, I’m going into entry withdraw. I just had to post something to my loyal readers.  Thanks Barb! (She scolded me that I didn’t have a post up last Saturday, so I called her a couple of days later asking, did you read my blog this morning, she didn’t, I got to scold back).

It took an entire day to figure out what would be my debut Vlog.  I thought about a simple introduction, naw. I thought of a few funny CODA stories, naw. Ah, I’ve finally got my topic! The script is in my head and I am ready! 

Yesterday, I went to Office Max, bought a Logitech Communicate STX webcam. Yes, it was the cheapest one, but still about 50 bucks. I set everything up without any trouble. It also has a microphone in it, cool; I can sign and talk at the same time. I thought this would save my captioning problem for a while.  I was getting excited.  Everything was set up, webcam is in place, I hit “capture”, the green light cued me I looked fantastic on camera, I raised my hands, started a test ….and then.. … it looked like a big flash of blur in front of my face. I tried to slow down, but now I just looked stupid. It was as if, I had known sign language 20 years ago, never used it, and had to think… each .. and .. every…word… out.  It was still blurry. I know it can be done! Other Vlogs are CLEAR. Even fast signers, like Seek Geo and True CODA Stories. (Ok guys are ya feeling the love, I need some love in return!).

I played with the settings, every one of them, picture range thingy that says 320xwhatever, 176×144 with frame speeds and outputs for broadband to high quality. I clicked every one of them. Some said. No luck!

Conclusion? My Windows XP (2000) and the web cam, wasn’t going to work.  I even tried using my brand new laptop with built in webcam and the new one. No luck, still blurry.  

I’ve asked for a digital camcorder for my birthday. (It’s Monday, July 16th, I’ll accept from anyone, I’m not prejudice.) but when I researched it, what kind should I get?  I feel like I have been in a technological cave for years. I didn’t know there were so many options. There is the DV the miniDV and the old fashioned tapes.  I want something that has a USB, no tapes, no CDs.  It’s all just too confusing! I know it’s out there, I just gotta find it, oh but I don’t want to pay $1000 for it either!

So in the meantime, I will be recording on my video cam. It’s old, an analog. I have a converter, which will change the analog into digital onto my computer, then from there edit, because I know that I will need to touch up my pretty face, possibly black out the background to prevent you from seeing the loads of paperwork piling up. From there, upload it, find the code, embed it into my wordpress and viola!  Whew.  Yea, I’m sure once it’s up, it’ll be a snap.


  1. jen

    Hey… will be good to see you vlog! Just a thought, but the problem with your webcam could be that your driver (the thing that makes it work) is out of date? A friend of mine had a similar problem with blurry “fanning” signing until she updated her drivers. You should be able to download yours here:,en?osid=1&file=1 (but make sure you download for the correct Operating System, i.e. XP or 2000!). Just an idea! Lemme know if it works.

  2. Peachlady

    Can’t wait for your first vlog!

  3. jared

    Turn off the light boost feature and it should be more clear.

  4. Looking forward to your vlog posts when they come up :). Just email me or other vloggers if you have questions :). Also I did two technical posts recently, they may help in small way. Take your time, you will be fine. After the first vlog post and with encouragements from us vloggers, before you know it, you will be a vlogger in no time at all :D.

    Good luck!

  5. Jenny

    Congrats on your decision!!! 🙂
    I have one thought – I’d advise against speaking and signing at the same time. It really mangles both languages and renders both unclear. You could sign first then add voice translation, to preserve quality and make your thoughts accessible to deaf signers and hearing nonsigners. Or sign and provide a summary or write a transcript? There are a lot of options, but I’d like to encourage you to consider not simcomming.
    Other than that, whatever you choose to do will be just fine – a true expression of who you are and your thoughts! Looking forward to getting to know you in this way. 🙂 Best of luck vlogging!

  6. codadiva

    Your wish is my command. Actually, I couldn’t get the audio right and after my “test” video, I can “see” myself. I agree with you. I’ve decided to sign the vlog along with a written entry. Not necessarily a transcript, but my thoughts about the topic. Thank you for your comments along with all of the other comments.

  7. Andy Olson

    Look forward to seeing you out on the Vlogs soon.

    My suggestion to your technical problems: Go Mac! (smile)

    Andy Olson
    The Other Olson Brother
    True CODA Stories

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