Can You Tell I’m Excited?

I’m still working through the bugs and the jitters. My director eye, sees some improvements, but hey, it’s the first one right!

It took me over 4 or 5 takes for this video, how many do you all do?

I again want to thank all those that posted and emailed positive encouragment.



  1. Welcome to vlogland and it is on the anniversary! Wow! Keep vlogging and see you soon!

  2. seekgeo


    You did a great job on your first video! You look good ! 😀


  3. Welcome and I ALWAYS made several takes for
    my vlogs – so you are the only one! 🙂

  4. codadiva

    Thanks Guys!! I’m looking forward to more.

  5. *Boston

    Wonderful wonderful!
    Nice to see you signing in front of the camera!
    Already I feel the warmth you’ve given out!
    I DEFINITELY look forward to many of your vlogs!
    Keep it up!

  6. Congrats, Lisa! You’re finally over the learning curve. Welcome to the vlogosphere. Looking forward to your future vlogs. Glad you stuck with it!

    ~ LaRonda

  7. Diane

    awesome .. you look great!

  8. jacobina

    good for you have good day bye

  9. Ben from Olson Brothers

    Lisa (CODADIVA)! Good Job! More Vlogs!!! Smile!!

  10. hi there, welcome to deafread! 🙂


  11. Did you have a microphone? I did not hear you speak.
    I think I understood “Hi” and “Deafread”.

  12. codadiva

    Hi Bill,
    No I did not speak. I decided not to speak and sign at the same time (sim com) to start. This vlog was just a warm up, the next ones will have written entries. When I get caught up technically, I’ll be able to understand how edit in voice, music or other. Thanks for inquiring!

  13. IamMine

    Ah, nice to see who codadiva is! 🙂



  14. Hey welcome! I am really glad to see you have joined the vlogosphere! Yaaaaaay! I think it is really terrific and awesome that you have joined and other CODAs, too. It diversifies the vlogosphere. Your first vlog was good! I enjoyed watching it and don’t stop, keep vlogging! I’d love to see more from you 😛


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