CODAs Fighting Over The Phone

* No narration on this one. Narration is strictly determined on whether the kids are screaming in the background or not. Smile.

How my brother and I fought over the phone, we were around 10 to 12 years old.  My brother and I had our own phones in our rooms. The kitchen was the main phone line with the old TTY that was giant and would vibrate when you clacked the keyboard.  Mom would send us to bed at 8:30 p.m. She would then go into the family room to watch TV. To get to the family room from the bedroom, one must cross through the kitchen.

When my brother was expecting a phone call, he would sneak into the kitchen and turn off the light flasher device. He know when the phone rang, the lights would not flash. Since I knew what he was doing, I would make up an excuse to go to the kitchen. I might say something to my mom, or get a drink of water. On my way through the kitchen I would press the light flasher ON!

Sure enough when the phone rang, the lights would FLASH. Mom would jump out of her chair to the hallway and flick on the lights to find out who was on the phone. Once my brother was in trouble. I was in the clear to make my phone calls.


  1. minty

    Oooh you crafty devil! Great story.
    I’m really enjoying the vlogs by the way – handy for me to improve my ASL too – I’m surprised how much I understand!

  2. Karla

    Oh funny story LOL…..


  3. Laura McClellan

    That’s hilarious !

    OHHHH, I am so glad you had brought this issue up. So I can prepare for my hearing kids when they get older 🙂 They can’t take advantage from me since I’ve learned from you. A BIG THANKS!

  4. DeafDixie

    LOL!! no halo…. just alike my kids doing this, too ha ha.. I have 2 of teenagers coda…. I can see that now so I will make sure to check on them real closer ha ha ha … that’s good one….


  5. codadiva

    Teenage Kodas are hating me right now! lol. My poor son, he can’t get away with those things. But he isn’t much of a phone person either.

  6. mishkazena

    oh, that was so sly of you! ROFL!

    Did your brother figured it was you who set the trap? 😉

  7. wow you devil daughter!! i knew it.

    blog is great…my you have been busy! fabulous site!!

  8. Kim

    HA! We did the same thing with the flasher. The key was to turn it back on after the phone call so my parents didn’t notice. We only had one phone in the Kitchen, and so when it rang, my brother and I would ruuuuuuun to get it and wrestle on the floor fighting for it.

  9. Toni

    oh my gosh.. too funny!!

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