My Parents Are NOT Deaf

Did you ever test if your parents could hear? I did.

Narrated (because my friend Barb loves it narrated)


  1. Peachlady

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing your side of story! My son can’t test me cuz he is deaf.

  2. When I was young,my hearing brother always into trouble with sound situation… Often policemen came to our door about loud on radio so one last time the policman came and never come back,why?

    My dad pick the radio up and threw outside front of policeman and the policeman said nothing with smile and left.

    Years later,My deaf brother’s daughter (hearing) came visit our home and she put on very very loud voice on t.v.,oh boy the cop came over our door and said with gesture hand point to t.v. turn down hand wave down… we looked at 7 or 8 yrs old and she said sorry and we did not throw t.v. outside,of course not.

  3. michele

    Yeah, just yesterday, my daughter was sitting on my lap, she wanted to whisper something in my ear, I told her I couldn’t hear her doing that, so she proceeded to raise her voice a little bit and bit until she started to scream in my ear, oh boy that hurt! Know what, she jumped out of the chair and ran to her brother and told him that I could hear. Her brother was puzzled and came over and asked me how I could hear. I told him that if one screams in your ear, your eardrum will vibrate so much that you can feel it intensely so I reacted. They both were surprised. So I guess my daughter wanted to test me on that.

  4. JohnABC

    Response to Mother Father Deaf: CLICK HERE

  5. Fred

    You’re doing a really nice job of sharing, this sure does make us deaf parents aware of what young kids are “thinking” and how that they perceive such thoughts. Thanks for sharing!!

    I look forward seeing more of your stories.

  6. wcg

    Good story!!! Been there done that:-)

    By the way I love the book, “A Loss of Words” by Lou Anne Walker. What a great summer read. Do you have any others books you can recommend? I read last month, “In This Sign,” by Joanne Greenberg. It was ok. While reading it I kept getting the feeling it was written from a “Hearing” perspective and not a CODA. However, I maybe wrong.

    Also, I had my daughter age 10 read “Deaf Child Crossing.” I recommend it for all school age kids.


  7. Jac

    Common thing is all koda or coda can talk loudly if they want since their deaf parents could not hear, but some of them can hear. One day it hit my son thought I can’t hear so he turned it on his music plus volume higher all way as loudly, I can hear, than feel vibrate, I turned to him, yelled at him, Hey, please turn it down, I can hear that loud. My son dropped his mouth and surprised that I can hear. Also my young daugther kept saying , it was not too loud, I kept saying, Yes it is really loud, I can hear! Please turn it down back to normal. True, I agreed with you that some deaf parents can HEAR! Thanks for bringing it up.

  8. codadiva

    Yes I too had recently asked for books about CODA. See the blog and responses here.

    But the best list recommended is

    Happy Reading!

  9. O yes these are great books.

  10. Laura

    Since I have two hearing sons, both of them signs on and off with me and my husband. There are times I wanted to turn my voice off so they could practice their receptive skills.

    However, one day, I decided to turn my voice off for an entire day. When my two sons were under three years old, they had to attend their Day Care while I went to work. During their nap time, one of my sons, who was three, woke up screaming, ” Help Help My Mom!” The Day Care Provider rushed to rescue his nap mare to find out what went wrong. He told her, “You need to rescue my mom because her voice is broken. ” After I learned from the provider, I felt bad but knowing that my two sons need constantly exposures in both hearing and deaf languages and cultures.

    Even now, they are five and six, they don’t fully get to the point that we are completely deaf due to the fact that I could speak well. Hopefully in the near future, they will.:-)

  11. Thanks for vlogging this story. Continue to share many more stories. I always enjoy hearing from a CODA’s perspective.



  12. Hmm very interesting.. I guess those are what my children are thinking all the time to test on me or my husband. I think at their ages, they don’t fully understand why deaf parents can’t hear but can talk pretty good (depends on how well their speech is) so they should be able to hear. I speak very well, but very fully deaf.. so I think that may confuses the children to think I can’t be deaf. I hope someday in few years as they get older, they’d understand more why I can’t hear and do use my voice to talk to my children with my sign language. I’m just glad I could lip read 🙂 Now, children realized I can read lips so they would cover up their mouth when talking sometimes. I’m trying to teach them to know that they shouldn’t treat us that way of testing on us all the time.

    Thanks for sharing this video for me to view.


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