2 hearing + 2 Codas + 1 Deaf guy =

A new picture window!

Today was the anticipated day of installing my new window. My husband is a skilled carpenter but he needed help carrying this HUGE 10 foot x 6 foot monster window into our front room.  My friends Ken and Lori (hearing) came to help move the window. My brother, Marty is visiting from out of town (Coda). Here we were gathered in the garage waiting for our orders. Carl said, lift it. We lifted.  Carl said, tuck in the dolly. I tucked it. Carl said scoot. We scooted.  After a few more barks, uh… I mean instructions the window was put into place.

As we positioned the window into the hole in my house, dear husband moved about fast. Measure, cut, fit, nail. My brother and I were outside the window, making sure it didn’t sway out.  As we waited while Carl did his magic, the 4 of us were goofing around. (Since Ken reads this from time to time, truth be told, 3 of us were goofing off and Ken was innocent. Actually now that I think of it, just Lori was goofing off making the rest of us laugh).   All the while, Carl was focused, never distracted and got that large enormous window in perfectly. We were done in less than a half hour.

It just made me think. Carl has commented in the past about work. Comments like,” all the guys are listening to the radio and chatting”.  He would point out, he has to work, work, work until coffee break or lunch time. However, it’s not really Carl’s nature to “chit-chat”. He also has a high standard of quality stemming from his hardworking nature.  Thinking even more about it, could you imagine if everyone worked at full speed all day, only taking breaks at the allotted times?  It would be a very productive result.

As a new business owner, research shows that hearing people spend at least 20 minutes on the phone when they should be working.  Are Deaf people more productive at work?  Obviously, there are a million different characteristics and traits, but for the most part, minute for minute, do Deaf people out-perform?


  1. lee

    where is video clip?

  2. codadiva

    Hi Lee,
    I didn’t do a video on this one.

  3. Peachlady

    In old days…deaf people worked hard to keep his or her job! I never said no to my boss cuz I want to keep my job.
    I am the only deaf person in my branch so I rather stay busy. Today I don’t know about young deaf people. I see they got fired or quit often. I wonder why? Some did not get a promotion so they quit.

  4. hoeyhemp

    there was “attach icon” clip movie but no movie clip here ?

  5. codadiva

    I’m sorry there is no video. I realize Deafread has a video icon, but I don’t monitor that. Thank you for bringing it up, I have contacted an editor to fix this.

  6. hoeyhemp

    but .. Hey nice blog ! : )

  7. codadiva

    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  8. Barbara Derengowski

    Hey Lisa, it’s not the same not seeing you! Your story made me think of my dad.
    My dad (deaf) was a very hard worker he worked for A. Stein Co. he was the only deaf man there. He would say to me when I was younger, all hearing slow work, to much talk talk talk.
    Now that was 43 years ago. So I guess nothing has changed. Carl is a hard worker too!
    Boy this story hit home. Thanks Barb

  9. Ken

    I was truly amazed how quickly the window went in (even with the 3 of you goofing off!). After reading your post I feel a little guilty for grabbing that cup of coffee after the window was in, while Carl continued to work. This is an interesting post. I’ve sometimes wondered about this in the office. With all the smoke breaks, coffee breaks, personal phone calls, internet surfing… how much work is actually being done? Imagine how much we could get done if we were always ‘doing something’ (don’t tell Lori I said that or she’ll have me out weeding the garden). It makes me think as I sit here at home with my laptop… could I be getting more done if I didn’t have to listen to SpongeBob in the background?

  10. SK3User

    In my past experience, I would very hard, stay focus on my job, rare chit chat among hearing co-workers. I would usually outperform everyone there. Everything you describe in your story sounds similar to my job experince. WHY?? Most of my co-worker don’t know sign, and they tend keep us out of their ongoing conversation. There’s no need for me to involve or wear myself out with useless conversation. That was until my boss hired another deaf co-worker : ) Now my work performance has become equal as other hearing workers.

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