Koda Observation

Since I feel like I am reliving my life through my children’s eyes. I thought about the first time I was amazed at how ALL children are brilliant. For me, it’s exciting to see them grow and learn. It tends to make me wonder “was I like that as a little girl”?

 My children learned their first signs around 14 months. I never compared or worried when they would sign, it was just a natural progression. The girls were able to understand that Dad is Deaf before I really explained it to them. My son also picked up on this as a child.


  1. Judge


    My oldest kid (at that time, we had first child — now we have 3 kids) was doing the same thing as you mentioned but my wife is also deaf. My son talked to us in ASL and the hearing relatives were puzzled. They asked my son why didn’t you use the voice? He replied instantly “They are Deaf, silly question!”

    Yes, he spoke anyone with voice except us.

    Of course, all of my children don’t use their voice to talk with us.

  2. h w

    At a shopping mall, our younger son (at that time when he was about one & one half or 2 years old) cried so hard and no others looked at him. I began to puzzle why no one looked at him as it was supposed to be loud enough for others to hear his cries. So, I tested him by feeling his throat to see if he ever used voice and he did not because he knew we could not hear. He was a smart KODA to fool us!!!!

  3. codadiva

    Judge and HW,
    Great stories, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your story. It is so interesting. My son who is deaf and both oral and uses ASL will only use his ASL with his deaf friends or people he meets who are deaf. I try to get him to sign to me. I’m a student and would love the practice, but no he usually doesn’t want to. Yet I see him completely shut off his voice around his deaf buddies and sign like crazy! *smile*

    I do get the benefit of his signing at night however when he’ll stand in my doorway and sign for extra time to watch TV or read – so dad can’t see him! *very smart!* Mom is the pushover!

    🙂 Angie

  5. Billy

    It’s an interesting about your kid. It just reminded from my deaf and his deaf family had their pet dog. FYI, I am deaf myself. I know I able hear loud like dog barked and other kind of noise anyway. His brother signed something to make dog barked. I realized that there’s no sound of bark so I got puzzled out. I told him and his family that dog didn’t use any voice at all. They was shocked and Dog had been fooled them since he grew up with them. Obviously dog know them are deaf. LOL

    winks Billy

  6. I am coda. my parents used voice when communicating to me. My parents attended Jacksonville and they were taught how to control voice a little to make sounds. It was not same as hearing voice. I did have to sign to communicate to my parents. A friend noticed that when I talk to my parents I was making strange noises while I signed. I picked up on the different mouthing of words that my parents used without knowing it. Now I am self conscious when signing. It’s nice that your husband trusts his girls enough to sign without voice. They will communicate better with deaf because of it.
    Good VLOG!! you are improving each time.

  7. Barbara Derengowski

    I want to say congrat’s on getting hits over 10,000 to your vlog. See I told you that you’re a natural.
    Hugs, Barb

  8. Toni

    this was very good!! my children have been doing this since they were babies! my daughter is now three and it gets funny cuz when she is around my deaf friends.. that voice goes off and her hands start flying!! many are amazed at her ability to be so fluent at such a young age. My children are exposed to both worlds.. the hearing due to the daddy is hearing.. and other family members.. and to the deaf world through me.

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