Koda Kamp Very Fun!

After just returning last week from Koda Kamp, Randy is really excited to share this with you. He did a great job for his first one! The thing that touched me, with this vlog, it allowed me to see how much he really does appreciate being at a place with his peers.  Sometimes teenagers don’t really say much!

*For those that have been following along, Randy calls me Lisa, I’m technically his step mom.


  1. Interesting story :).

    Lisa, question for your future vlog post if you are interested. do CODAs have tendency to sign PSE more than ASL or does it vary according to how they are raised? Thank you!

  2. codadiva

    Thanks Oscar, will put it on the list. Would like to ask others to their experinces. Any other ideas, pass them on! Thanks!

  3. Deafkathy

    WOW! I am so proud of you, Randy, for sharing this to everyone. Yes, going to camp where everyone is the same at one place is blessing such as KODA CM7, Deaf camp, etc.. where they dont feel isloated/lonely. Keep it up Randy! Thanks Lisa for including him and it helps other CODA kids to see that its ok to share this in VLOG.

  4. michele

    Hi there,

    I have had a couple of my friends who sent their children to Camp Mark 7 Koda camp, they all came back and raving at how much fun they had. I would like to send my children there when they are ready — it is just that it is sooo far away from where we are at.

    Some kids sign in PSE, others sign in ASL, and others sign whatever they can. I notice with koda kids, when they are babies, they sign in baby signs that they make up on their own which is a fascinating phemonon, when they get into elementary school, they tend to fingerspell a lot, parents need to instruct them to use the sign for the word as much as they can, they are in a “English thinking” mode especially if they do not interact much with other deaf kids or are not exposed to ASL diversity in the deaf community and when they get to their teen years, they may take ASL in high school to polish up their ASL skills or whatever. They do not go to deaf clubs as much because many of the deaf clubs forbid children due to gambling so these kids do not have much exposure to the deaf community unfortunately. This is just my observation. Tell Randy good job!! I enjoyed watching his vlog!! 🙂

  5. Nick Vera

    Hi there!

    I am quite impressive with Randy’s expressing his personal experience during KODA camp at Camp Mark 7. I have been there once during the fall foliage. Ah! Very beautiful colors up there! For reason, I was there for the deaf recreational group from Rochester, NY during the weekend.
    Anyway, I encourage Teen KODA or Adult CODA to take sign language class to polish up their skills by using classifiers, handshaping, structure into ASL grammar, facial expression, etc. It will increase their ability to communicate clearly and fluently for deaf and hard of hearing people. Not only to attend the class, go to any deaf community events to social other people. Also promote your hearing friends to come and see our windows of deaf culture. Even go to any deaf conference like National Association of the Deaf, RID, etc. That way will benefit for KODA & CODA to earn.

    Keep vlogging. Take care!


  6. CJ

    r-r-r-randy, nice video. =] oh and this is cj from camp

    midwest woohoo

  7. Belle

    Cool. I hope there are more opportunities for KODAs like Camp Mark 7. Wish my camp experiences had included water tubing and water skiing! I love those activities so much. I bet the bonding with other KODAs was as precious and invaluable as those activities.

  8. Tammy Shemanske

    Hey Randy

    I am Jason Conrads mom. Jason was a CIT this summer. He just said it was the best decision to be CIT in a long time. He said he refused to miss every year. His love is out there with all KODA kids. He and all of his friends were at our place since Saturday. Some went home and exhausted. Jason said to me this morning at 3am, saying I will never marry hearing lady, I must marry CODA lady so that way its a lot fun with all families gathering. Speaking of signing, some do sign in ASL, some PSE, some oral and some that fits the family really. The more importantly is to communicate well with everyone in the family that counts more. Again I was blessed with Camp Mark 7 to make KODA kids much more alive and be able to see who they are. Randy, Jason saw your video and he was smiling!

    Keep it up!!!
    Tammy Shemanske and Jason Conrad
    ( CHildren- Brianna and Michael)

  9. a Deaf person in the SE USA

    Randy, nice to meet you.

    I really enjoyed watching Lisa’s vlogs and now you! 🙂 Keep vlogging, ok? I understood you perfectly even though some of your signs not clear. I have not vlogged myself yet, but I can imagine it’s stressful being front of a camera.

    What an interesting/challenging life you have as a koda. What questions do you get about your parent beside that dumb question about the capability of driving cars? 🙂

    Thanks for explaining about the camp at Mark 7. Are you able to meet other kodas where you live?

  10. Cool! I will go to Camp Mark Seven this August, Deaf Children week for my second year there! Last year my experience was so fun, I bet this year will be fun, too! I am glad that you enjoyed your days there! It is nice for you to find friends who are KODA, too! I already have deaf friends from my school, MSD but I am glad to have new friends from CM7 who live in other state than Maryland!

  11. h w

    Codadiva, your son did very well even tho he used PSE. Since we are not very very ASL oriented, ASL and PSE are fine with us!!! Our CODA sons did PSE but not every word and they were able to communicate with us well enough which is important to us!!! You should be proud of him!!! SMile !

  12. I want to be clear that I understood everything Randy said and it fascinated me. I simply had that question because he was signing in PSE and was curious. Is PSE in itself bad? No, it is not. Simply the system that allowed it in the first place and that is very complex problem that had been discussed ever since. No, I was simply curious because I have two sons of my own. They are raised by my separated wife but when I visit them, I am wondering what to expect based on general CODAs’ experiences. I suspect strongly that since I am no longer a dominant factor in his life that he will learn ASL as a second language and potentially sign PSE. Since I grew up in mainstreamed schools with deaf program where teachers seemingly scoff at ASL and use PSE (attempted SEE) with us deaf children, I grew up with PSE and understand it because I have a strong foundation in English itself.

    Thank you and apologies for long rambling :). Keep vlogging, all of you family! It is beautiful!

  13. Sure looks fun to me..


  14. Trisha Phadke

    My mom sent me this link, and I’m glad she did! Knowing Randy when he was younger and all, I am so impressed at his ability to express all of this and how he has grown! Good job Randy! KODA Camp touched me in so many ways, and it is so enriching to a KODA or CODA’s life. I was a CIT this past summer, and I hope I never stop going back! 🙂

  15. codadiva

    I’m sure glad you commented. Yes, to watch YOU grow into the beautiful Koda is really wonderful. Thank you for your passion to be a CIT. I miss seeing you.

  16. glad that you had a good time at camp, Randy 🙂

    thank you for sharing!

  17. Grace

    How cute this KODA boy expressed his feelings about CM7. Yes, it is definately a special place for both the Deaf and KODA programs. I was one of the first Deaf camper there 25 yr ago. This is truly special place!
    Grace, Syracuse,NY

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