Why I Vlog for CODA?

Note: Narration is a bit soft, turn up a little.

After reading Loss for Words by Lou Ann Walker, I realized a little bit more about myself. It unlocked a few things allowing me to keep cultivating “who I am“. I share this CODA vlog with you, perhaps to spark something within you. I also hope to learn from your stories, point of view and to help others. I don’t want anyone to feel that they are alone, a hearing child of Deaf parents.  It’s amazing when you realize there are others that share a similar background.

Thank you for your support, it keeps me vlogging!


  1. h w

    I have a question for you. For those who are labeled “CODA”‘s who have sets of one deaf (or hearing impaired of any) parent and one hearing parent, should they be considered as half-CODA’s?
    Thank you

  2. codadiva

    H W,
    Nope, they are just Codas.

  3. wow the book sounds interesting! what is it titled, who’s the author?? 🙂

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful. I am wondering, do you have voice over for your vlogs? There may be some adult CODAs who never bothered to sign or wasn’t encouraged to sign because their parents didn’t realise they have a right to ASL as their first language and accepted them as “hearing” with “hearing” language. They might be inspired with what you have to share if they can hear and understand what you’re saying (I don’t know if you have voice over or not).

    Another thing I’d like to share – perhaps sometimes in a while after you’ve shared, you may feel you don’t get enough feedback or acknowledgement, but please do not give up, because sooner or later, some CODA might stumble on your site and find a wealth of infos in there and feel the same way as you did when you read the book.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Judge

    Keep it coming!

  5. human

    I am not a coda but I LOVE learning from you; what you experienced; your funny experiences as well as your serious side; pls dont stop sharing; its great for everyone..

  6. codadiva

    Thanks all for the kind words.
    Susan, yes I have voice over my vlogs. One of them in the beginning is not, forgot which one.

    Book is titled “Loss for Words” by Lou Ann Walker

  7. wcg

    I left you a comment a few weeks back about Lou Ann Walkers book A Loss for Words. I also cried, and felt touched by her book. At one point I had to set the book down and reflect. Anyways, I remember my kids walking into the front room and asking me what’s wrong? I guess It was a light bulb moment.

    I have since finished two different books about coda’s and actually have loaned them to one of my friends who is extremely interested in Deaf culture. 🙂

    Continue the great V/blogs and opening our minds~

  8. ASLisRisen

    Thanks for your info about that book called A Loss for Words!

    I know there are so many different CODAs life background here on this earth. Some CODAs were very lucky to have their own Deaf parents who love and care about them so much!

    Thanks for sharing your info!


  9. Hi there Codadiva!

    After watching this vlog, I have decided that I will go out and buy that book, “A Loss for Words”. I hope that the book store does sell them or do I need to order it online?

    Have a nice day!
    Deaf lady

  10. lisa! so glad to see you are finding your rhythm with this vlog. your willingness to work at this is inspiring and educating so many of us about what makes you tick. i am afraid to read that book now i don’t like crying haha

    hugs my coda sister,


  11. codadiva

    Hi Deaf Lady,
    You can get the book at the library, I did.

  12. Wow! I simply cannot believe I am here! Somehow you found me at Adversity University and because of that, I was led to your site.

    I really, really enjoyed watching your YouTube. I am wanting to VLog too but I have no idea what to get to make it happen. I have an old SONY video camera from the 90s and it still works but I’m wondering if I should get something else and then learn how to download/upload to YouTube.

    I’ve been roaming around your blog and I’m simply incredulous and thankful to have discovered you. First, I love your energy, and second I LOVE the Olson brothers. Their positive energy is fantastic – what’s the word I’m looking for? Infectious? No, oh Lord, I can’t think of the name but their energy seems to reach into my heart – I love it!

    I’m not a CODA – instead, I’m deaf with hearing parents – the opposite of your situation but somehow I feel connected to you guys. It’s surreal!

  13. codadiva

    I’m glad you’re here! You have such a positive and uplifting message and I’m so glad you’ll be hanging around.

    I am learning that I am who I am due to my Deaf heritage and life lessons, not such an outcast that I once perceived my life to be.

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