In Memory of a CODA Brother


Dale Dyal was a very talented storyteller. He had such a sweet and caring heart and really was well known in the CODA community. Sadly, he passed away last week. The CODA community is mourning the loss of such a wonderfully talented man, both on stage on off. His humor was like no other. He was committed to sharing his stories with everyone. I am taking a moment to honor a man that has brought me more tears, both from laughing so hard my cheeks ached and from the tender side of his stories and his nature. I am a better person for having the opportunity to know this man.

Dale, we will miss you!


  1. C. A. Fanara

    I had a great opportunity to know Dale when I was attending CSUN. As a Deaf single parent of two hearing children, I cherished listening to his tales of being a CODA. He was my personal morning greeter, and it was an inside joke between us – he was always on campus first thing in the morning for his work – so was I as a student! I’m smiling thinking about that. Thanks, Dale wherever you may be on your new journey…..

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