It’s September… already?

I know, I know, I was on a roll. I was vloggin’ a couple of times a week. It was great. But then things started happening. Here’s an update of what’s been happening, and what to expect.

First thing, we are in the process of remodeling, we are limited on lights, I was only able to film from 1 to 5 in the afternoon with the help of natural sunlight spilling into our big window in the front of the house. Now the remodel has been taken to the next level, so dear hubby has removed the drywall, which means no fancy curtain behind me, it’s all studs. Just wood! The vlogging stops, but my plans are to bring it back by the end of the month.

What’s new? Well, my avatar is new, the logo for my new website, which is under construction… (ahem) for a while, it’s last on the list. Here’s a look for those that haven’t seen it. I love it and I have to give a big thanks to my new Coda friend, Jon for helping me design this logo.


School has started and for my 6 year old, so has Kindergarten. Today I have a meeting with her teachers and principal to discuss my child. I might be over protective, but I want her teachers to understand she lives in a Deaf home. I don’t want them to do what her pre-school did, which is an upcoming Vlog. I’ll be sharing my ideas on Koda orientation with you soon.

I’ve also launched my own business. I am a virtual assistant, working from home, allowing my clients to subcontract the work to me. I offer services that are mostly administrative right now. Clients save money by not having a payroll for a budget that may not allow them to hire someone in their office. My business website will feature a vlog.  It will be helpful tips for business owners and aspiring businesses.  This will be announced in October. I won’t be doing a great deal of business related things here, but the announcement will be posted.

What to expect in the future? I’m still working on my first Coda to Coda interview. If any of you use any product that can capture an online video chat, that would be so helpful, send me a comment! I’ve got a great list of stories to share, some of them are cute little things I have seen my kids say, do and enjoy. With the “going back to school mode”, I’ve got a few stories and then I’d like to include my husband’s venture with getting his pilot’s license, for those that may not remember, he is Deaf. It’s been a positive adventure and he wants to share it with others.

So, I’m putting it out there into the universe, thanks to those that have been checking in, hang in there…you’ll see me soon!


  1. Hi. Nice to hear from you again. I just put out my own “where have I been’ blog to let folks know I’m still here. Those of us who were prominent on DeafRead for a while seem to have taken a break to catch up with life, but we’re letting folks know we’ll be back soon.

    Looking forward to your new stuff. Love the avatar eye and title!

    ~ LaRonda

  2. Jessi

    Hi Lisa! I stumbled upon your blog thanks to the Illinois CODA website. I am so glad I did. I’m a student in ASL at the University of Chicago and I’m doing a research paper right now for my Human Development class on the culture of the CODA/KODA story or narrative. Your writing/vlogging is such a helpful resource and I really appreciate your insights! If you know of other resources which might help me out in this endeavour, I can be contacted at polkawithyourdot (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thank you so much,
    Jessi Moths

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