CODA Family Reunion…PAH!

It’s weekends like these that get me motivated. What a terrific weekend of laughing and crying…crying from all the gut-wrenching laughing. We had about 24 participants from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. It was truly cozy at the camp and I felt so relaxed.

So being with Codas again has really fired me up. This blog/vlog is quite a bit of work. So I will ease back into it with baby steps and try to avoid a long lapse again. I have had requests for the next vlog (thanks Vince) so I am going to get revved to present to you more items. I’ve been thinking about issues and have a list of topics ready.

Also, I now have videos documented on others thoughts of what “Coda” means to them. Look for those popping up shortly. Thanks for hanging in there.



    nice read….can’t wait to see more

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