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I’ve seen the upcoming Pepsi Superbowl ad! I’m so excited, it’s hilarious and perfect for Superbowl commericals. There is always controversy for something or another. Last year the Kevin Federline Nationwide commercial had the National Restaurant Association really upset. Previous years struck controversies with ads such as Snickers, Bud Light and GoDaddy. National agencies were in an uproar. Here we have the NAD supporting it. I personally don’t think they just slapped their name on this without discussing it.

There have been other commercials that have sign language in it, the Johnson’s sausage commercial with the little deaf boy that smells breakfast cooking in the morning and slides down the banister. Can’t find this, can you?

There is a very low budget South Dakota Relay and then Apple MacIntosh starring Marlee Matlin. Are there others? I generally perk up when I see a hint of sign language being thrown into a commercial or TV program. It’s exciting and fun.

The only commercial I have had a problem with is the PSA featuring former Miss America. I have nothing against her or the message, but the commercial doesn’t have captioning. It bugs me every time. How you see it on youtube is how it is on TV. No closed captioning. I get that a person can deduce from the commercial to be safe with food. But it’s not clear until much later in the commercial. Someone couldn’t have captioned it?

Pepsico’s ad is hilarious, I just wish we could tape every hearing household that grabs their remotes and hits the volume up button! Mute button


Where are you? Did I miss your blog/vlog? Are you out there? I know the Olson Brothers are out there- oh and wish them luck in their various vlog nominations at the Deafread awards.

Ok ok ok, you’ve been waiting for someone to encourage you to blog/vlog! It’s official, I encourage you to create a blog. It’s really simple, free, and therapeutic in some ways. So get crackin’! Wanna learn how? I’ll help you get it rolling. Come on Codas you all have amazing stories, outlooks and visions.

Let’s make 2008 the beginning of a Coda Blog/vlog Campaign!

In light of all the news about Steak and Shake and Karen Putz, I decided I couldn’t wait to announce my new business. A formal announcement is slated for March but I wanted you all to be the first to know.

Starting a business is both exhilarating and draining. I wanted to make it something I could love into retirement. I had an opportunity to teach sign language at my husband’s job, we covered more than just conversational signs, I educated them about Deaf culture. So I decided to combine by passion of talking and the Deaf culture/community and launch Limelight Training and Consulting, LLC. I provide businesses with Deaf Awareness Training. I also include all aspects of hearing loss where necessary.

How is my business different for other programs? I’m an entrepreneur at heart. I plan to market to hospitals primarily in the launch stage, this is where the most of the complaints are critical for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. For every hospitals and businesses I commit a relationship that will help them not only become aware, but to be an industry leader. I take pride in helping businesses understand the culture as well as keeping better customer service or patient care that will just overflow into standard qualities. How many times have you talked to someone at the receptionist desk that didn’t make eye contact? Deaf or not, I like people to look at me while speaking.

Deafread is a blessing! I love diversity and with all of your ideas, opinions, perspectives and knowledge. The topics are wide and it’s wonderful to be a part of this online vlog/blog community. Such an amazing amount of information we get all in one setting. Don’t you agree?

I’ll be posting the launch of the new website shortly (I hope next month). In the meantime, thanks for reading! My new website will be located at

During the Coda Family Reunion, I grabbed four Codas from Minnesota to give me a short description on “What Coda Means to Me”. I’m grateful for their time and it gives me other things to think about. Also, thanks for voicing and signing at the same time, it saved me a great deal of work! Again, I appreciate your points of view.