MinneCodas – What Coda means to me!

During the Coda Family Reunion, I grabbed four Codas from Minnesota to give me a short description on “What Coda Means to Me”. I’m grateful for their time and it gives me other things to think about. Also, thanks for voicing and signing at the same time, it saved me a great deal of work! Again, I appreciate your points of view.


  1. Ben

    MINNECODA SISTERS ROCK! Wonderful perspective on what it’s like being a coda-all 4 of you “hit the nail on the head”… I feel being CODA is a gift and we need to share it with the world! We to wear our DEAFCULTURE- CODA underwear on the outside of our Hearingculture- HEARING pants for all to see, embrasing any dirty blemishes that might be exposed, as being unique in a world of blahhhhness! CODA POWER!!!!!! Seriously, you all are the best!!!! This vlog is rocks!

  2. codadiva

    Wow, the famous Ben? The one and only? I’m so honored to have you say nice things about little ole moi’s vlog. Yes isn’t the four of them terrific! I have more interviews and people to share with you. CODA Power!

    Ummm as for the underwear, I’m sure that is a topic of discussion that could last for hours!

  3. Well… what more can I say. Ben has put together an interesting analogy. CODA = Underwear.

    Great Stuff CODA Diva, and Great stuff MN CODAs Representing MN!!!! Whooooooooooo

    Happy New Year!

  4. Toni

    wow.. great stuff.. i wonder if my children feel the same cuz im a deaf mom with two hearing children.. i never realized the pressure they must have felt growing up.. or how they feel w/ a deaf momma… this really showed me in my children’s eyes… what it meant to have a deaf mom.. thank you so much for sharing!!!

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