Seriously, what are the chances?


So, Janine and I always go to the Bon Jovi concert together. It’s a given. There is no discussion! Last November when tickets went on pre-sale, our mutual friend got tickets ahead of time. Turns out she invited Janine, leaving me out in the cold. When the tickets went on sale to the general public, Janine was on her computer and I was on mine with ticketmaster trying to work fast. We knew their tickets were in section 4. I got something in section 6… quick, quick, I entered in all my info and then … my computer FROZE. UGH! so Janine grabs a ticket in section 4 – I say just do it and enter in my info, hit enter and done! I’ve got a ticket to Bon Jovi. I’ll be sitting by myself, but at least during intermission I’ll have someone to talk to.

Turns out, I got the same row in the same section. Wow, that’s cool. I had been asking what their seat numbers were for months. Finally an hour before the show on Sunday, we meet for dinner downtown Chicago. Our friend arrives and says, guess where we are sitting? My seat was 3 row 15. Their seats were FOUR and FIVE!! How totally amazing is that? I was sitting right next to my friends. I am so floored, I don’t even know the mathematical possibilities of that happening.

It was a great show! Can’t wait for the next one!


  1. He will be here in April, I wanted to go cuz he’s so *yum*, but the tickets are so expensive!

  2. codadiva

    It’s the only concert I go to, so it’s worth the money! I see him on the first part and then on the tail end when he makes his rounds again in the US.

    Best concert was when I got my tickets for free, thru a wonderful Coda connection and I was next to the catwalk. He touched my hand! *sigh*

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