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I’ve seen this video many times. Fortunately I found it captioned! It’s about how I feel this week with the kids. Completely hilarious! MOM

I did find this video on youtube. It is not for children or the “faint of heart”. I don’t like Marilyn Manson, but I thought this video was done incredibly well.


I rely on the deafread community quite a bit! I can only have so many google alerts before I make myself crazy. A couple of days ago I was going to do an awareness or sign language or some kind of history post, but frankly I couldn’t find the information I knew was out there. Since all of you have such diverse interests, I know that had I asked, I would have gotten great responses. You are all my news, history, entertainment and “then some” gathers. I’d love to ask a question and throw it out there, but as a blog post, doesn’t make much sense.

What do you think about a deafread message board. This would be a place to kinda network without doing a blog post. If deafread isn’t the right place for the forum, any other ideas?  A new deaf blog/vlog forum.  One way I envisioning it working is if I was trying to find YOUR v/blog about a topic, I knew I saw it, but can’t remember where. Throw out the question on the forum and “Poof” there ya have it.

What do you think?

Dancing is hard work!


In my previous post Do you ever play the Deaf card? my husband and I just joined a dance class. We are now into our fifth lesson, however we have missed a couple due to illnesses and a concert to Bon Jovi. We haven’t been practicing much at home. Our teacher expects us to practice.

Yesterday’s lesson was the waltz, box waltz, revolving swing move, dancing on a diagonal. WHEW it was hard work. It wasn’t just remembering the steps, it was standing straight, feeling graceful and working together. My back hurt, hubby’s back hurt. We were feeling it pretty good.

During the class, our instructor who is close to 80 but moves like she is in her 30’s came up to me and said “did you ever think he’d be dancing?” She was making a reference to my husband. I’d like to think it is because he is a man, but it was because he is Deaf. Actually, I never did! I have been waiting for this since my wedding day. We didn’t have a reception with dancing and so I suppose this will just give me reason to throw a reception for our 10th anniversary. We’ll have 2 years to get the moves down!

I also convinced my husband to take the classes so that when his daughters have Daddy/daughter dances he’ll feel more confident in going. My girls are into dance. I also thought it’d be great if he could dance with them at their weddings.

So last night, my hubby made sure to tell the instructor that Marlee Matlin is going to be on Dancing with the Stars tonight. It will be really exciting! I don’t ever vote for people but I believe I’ll be voting for Marlee Matlin! I love how she says she is doing it to be a cool mom.

Happy Dancing!

Kodas are so cute!

My youngest daughter is 4. We called Grandma today via Video Relay. I put her in front of the VP and waited for my mom to answer. It was so great seeing my daughter try to communicate as much as possible in sign language. When she didn’t know a sign, she tried to talk through the lens of the VP. I always find it fascinating how knows she doesn’t need to raise her voice. Both the younger girls have known this since they were toddlers, but I can’t get over it at times. She will whisper and speaks into the camera. They talked for about 5 minutes with minimal assistance from me. It was slow going at times and grandma had to repeat the entire sentence to get the whole concept.

I have 3 kids, 15, 6 and 4. It just amazes me, taking into all of their levels of signing that the youngest is actually better than all of them. My oldest is “lazy” when he signs. It’s the attitude of teenagers!

Today, I was in awe of my daughter. It’s days like today that I cherish! I’m blessed to know such a beautiful language.