Deafread Forum? Deaf Vlog/Blog Message Board?

I rely on the deafread community quite a bit! I can only have so many google alerts before I make myself crazy. A couple of days ago I was going to do an awareness or sign language or some kind of history post, but frankly I couldn’t find the information I knew was out there. Since all of you have such diverse interests, I know that had I asked, I would have gotten great responses. You are all my news, history, entertainment and “then some” gathers. I’d love to ask a question and throw it out there, but as a blog post, doesn’t make much sense.

What do you think about a deafread message board. This would be a place to kinda network without doing a blog post. If deafread isn’t the right place for the forum, any other ideas?  A new deaf blog/vlog forum.  One way I envisioning it working is if I was trying to find YOUR v/blog about a topic, I knew I saw it, but can’t remember where. Throw out the question on the forum and “Poof” there ya have it.

What do you think?


  1. Potatochiplover

    Try It might be what you are looking for.

  2. Potatochiplover

    Shoot. Clicking on the blue link does not take you there. It is not supposed to have a dot at the end of it. Either click on it and then remove the dot from the address bar or type the URL address without the dot in the address bar.

  3. Misha

    Just take off www, potatochip. It’s That’s it.

    Misha 😀

  4. Candy

    I think deafread forum would be neat. The link above is actually a chatroom…it could be another medium to ask questions though.

  5. codadiva

    Oh yes, the Live chat room. I did try it when it launched. I was watching some guy have a conversation and waving my hands frantically. I tried like for a week. I didn’t get it.

    But then, if I log on, perhaps no one is around. In a message board I can put my topic out there and come back and check. Know what I mean?

  6. A.J.

    Someone told me about deafread forum. It is

  7. kim

    I like the idea. I’m in another forum called Say What Club for HH/Deaf/deaf individuals and others affected by hearing loss. It’s wonderful!!

  8. codadiva

    I tried Live – it’s not my thing! I got so frustrated and I am very internet savvy. There were two guests, so how do I know to talk to them when I don’t know who they are?

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