Codadiva New Project

I’ve been dreaming of a plan for codadiva! I’ve got a website in the works and my goal is to connect in a positive, supportive and healthy community for those that are Codas and those that wanting to be involved. You’ll find I never disregard anyone. My goal is provide a community that feels willing to share our experiences both good and bad. I’d also like to open up the blog/vlog world for my coda friends, encouraging them to do their own “journals”. I can’t wait to get videos of codas from around the world.

New features (as promised way back when) will feature other codas via video. I want to do more in-depth interviews because I find it fascinating the differences between our Deaf parents and how it has shaped who we are today. I’d also like to have a resource for deaf parents. I’m looking for an active Deaf parent that would like to either contribute or assist with resources important to them.

Look for the unveiling in June! It’s going to be fun!


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