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Dancing is hard work!


In my previous post Do you ever play the Deaf card? my husband and I just joined a dance class. We are now into our fifth lesson, however we have missed a couple due to illnesses and a concert to Bon Jovi. We haven’t been practicing much at home. Our teacher expects us to practice.

Yesterday’s lesson was the waltz, box waltz, revolving swing move, dancing on a diagonal. WHEW it was hard work. It wasn’t just remembering the steps, it was standing straight, feeling graceful and working together. My back hurt, hubby’s back hurt. We were feeling it pretty good.

During the class, our instructor who is close to 80 but moves like she is in her 30’s came up to me and said “did you ever think he’d be dancing?” She was making a reference to my husband. I’d like to think it is because he is a man, but it was because he is Deaf. Actually, I never did! I have been waiting for this since my wedding day. We didn’t have a reception with dancing and so I suppose this will just give me reason to throw a reception for our 10th anniversary. We’ll have 2 years to get the moves down!

I also convinced my husband to take the classes so that when his daughters have Daddy/daughter dances he’ll feel more confident in going. My girls are into dance. I also thought it’d be great if he could dance with them at their weddings.

So last night, my hubby made sure to tell the instructor that Marlee Matlin is going to be on Dancing with the Stars tonight. It will be really exciting! I don’t ever vote for people but I believe I’ll be voting for Marlee Matlin! I love how she says she is doing it to be a cool mom.

Happy Dancing!



Ahh, Chicago! It’s really a Love/Hate relationship. I love everything this town has to offer. Everything, except the traffic! Overall, the 36 hour event was terrific. We got a hotel downtown at a bargain. I’ve found booking on will give you an excellent rate at the last minute. We checked in, freshened up and hit the public transit to Wrigleyville. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to navigate downtown and learned the station I wanted was closed. We got off a bit early, and instead of hailing a taxi, my friend Lori says, let’s take that. That? It was a pedi-bike. It looks like a rik-shaw. It was actually very fun, after getting over the weirdness of someone carting us around.

We arrived at Uncommon Ground restaurant. My friends had scored an awesome table outside. We hugged, sat down and chatted. It was if no time had passed in the last 6 months that I had seen them. The food was fabulous. It was time to got to the theater around the corner. We arrived 30 minutes early, sat in the front row (of 4 rows) and stayed late. Sound familiar? Arlene was so beautiful. The performance was moving, due to our common bond of having Deaf parents. Truly vivid and brillant.


Above is Shirley, Nancy, John, Arlene, Vince, Me, Laura and Barb.

 Note: to view the pictures better, click on them.

What I find mesmerizing, is in this big bustling city, I was sitting in a small theater. One block away 40,000 people were at The Police concert and on the south side a Sox Game was going on. Throw in the gazillion other things to do, other plays, bars, restaurant, and the Taste of Chicago calculates to be great deal of people. I find that no matter where you are, a small town or a huge city. It all comes down to the company you are with, making it the best place to be. Thanks for a great evening.

My friend Arlene Malinowski, a Coda, will be performing at the Live Bait Theater. I am so excited to be making the 3.5 hour journey (one hour added due to traffic).  Tonight there is a group going, and I know there was a group of Codas yesterday too. When you get together with Codas, plan to laugh for a good long time. We are just as bad as our parents, unable to say good bye at a reasonable time, and having to stand in the doorway for another hour with more news and more hugs. Some of us are really bad, staying ‘til 3 or 4 in the morning! I remember one day about 5 years ago. I was feeling a bit homesick or down. I felt like I needed a Coda fix. I didn’t think much of it but mentioned it to a close Coda friend. That night I had a bunch of Codas over, they brought food, we hung around sharing stories and talking. It was amazing how they come into your home and make you feel welcome, in your own home.  It was similar to another recent experience. Last February I organized a weekend Coda getaway. The Saturday dinner was in my home, it was amazing how my home exploded with Codas. They all carpooled from the hotel, made their way in the door, found a glass, poured their wine, made them selves at home and I didn’t have to stress. It is a fantastic  feeling to hosts Codas in your home. You should try it (wink, wink).

Ok, off I go, I’ll be sure to have an update and possibly a picture of tonight’s show. I’ll be dining before the show with Codas and I’m sure up late with Codas. Where there is one, there are more. I also am very excited (without hubby and kids, woo hoo) to see Arlene’s performance.  It’s a Coda topic too. Till Deaf Do Us Part by Arlene Malinowski –  Is “happily ever after” possible with Deaf parents, a flustered fiancée’ and a pre-wedding fiasco?